1000 Gigabyte = 1 Terabyte
1000 Terabyte = 1 Petabyte
1000 Petabyte = 1 Exabyte

Welcome to the world of maexadata i.e. mega-exa-data i.e. data running into millions of exabytes!



In 1998, a popular project of UC Berkeley School of Information claimed that “all words ever spoken by human beings” could be stored in approximately 5 exabytes of data (although this project is now outdated and therefore not entirely accurate). In the years since, with the amount of data explosion, it surely is difficult to put a number to the data currently floating around. As P G Woodhouse would state “the mind boggles!”.

Yet this data needs to be processed and converted into a form which can be read & processed by us humans. It must be presented as “information”. But one does find it difficult, if not impossible, to handle a such large amounts of data with the traditional hardware / software components. A paradigm shift in the approach to process such data is required.

At maexadata, we make sense of the mega-exabytes-of-data!!! We use cutting data analytics technology & tools to process this omni-generating data and provide you with information. Our goal is turn your data to usable information to insights and then finally to intelligence; be it Business Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Supply Chain Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis, Click-stream Analytics, Cloud Analytics, IoT Analytics, Customer Decision Management, Fraud & Security Intelligence, Risk Management, Sustainability Management. Have developed various Quantitative, Qualitative, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Classification, Clustering, Moving Averages, Simulation, Decision Trees and Machine Learning models and various Hypothesis Testing.

What do you want to do with your “maexadata“?